Studio Guidelines

Please Read The Information Below

  • All Classes will require preregistration, No Drop Ins

  • Class size will be limited to 12, for now

  • Props will still be available but we encourage you to bring your own 

  •  The floor will be marked for mat placement,   allowing for 6 feet between students

  • Masks will be required in the reception area but once a student is set up and on the mat, no mask is necessary during class

  • Wipes and hand sanitizer will be available but we would encourage you to bring your own to help us save on supply costs

  • Please wait for the teacher to sign you in at the front desk and punch your card and/or take payment

  • Please be considerate and aware of physical distancing as much as possible.

  •  Class registration link  

  • You will be asked to put a credit card on file but you will not be charged unless you are a no show for the class you reserved.

  • We will only be accepting cash or check for payments. If you absolutely must use a credit card, a service fee of 4 %  of the total will be added. Credit card payments can only be accepted by Nancy in person or over the phone.

  • SIDE NOTE: Anderson Garden classes can accept drop ins beginning Friday, June 26.


Nspired Yoga will be doing our best to keep everyone safe but we cannot guarantee a  completely sterile environment, nor can any business. We believe adults are quite capable and responsible enough to know how to insure their personal safety. Each one of us has to weigh the risk of being in public spaces and assess for ourselves whether we are comfortable with the situation. We need to be respectful and non judgmental toward others as we all navigate through this in our own way. Depending on others to protect us may lead to disappointment, resentment and blame. We know ourselves and our health better than anyone else. When we  are doing what is best for our own self, we don't need to worry or control anyone else. Let's be kind, understanding, tolerant and positive about the future of our society and this strong and resilient country we call Home

We have all been through so much and to quote an old song

" What The World Needs Now, Is Love, Sweet Love

It's The Only Thing That There's Just Too Little Of "



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