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Voting Begins October 2 and runs through October 16. Please Vote everyday in all three categories. Given this difficult year it would really be nice to end  2020 feeling that Nspired Yoga has made a difference in our community.

Our Categories are under Recreation and Fitness

Vote for Best Yoga/PilatesStudio

Nspired Yoga

Vote for Best Alternative Fitness

Nspired Yoga

Vote for Best Yoga Instructor

Nancy Enke


If you do not have an account with What Rocks at RRStar, create one and you will receive an email link to verify it is you. Each day you can use that link to log in and vote. If you have used your account during the nomination process, you should be able to continue to use the same one.

However ,there may still be some bugs in the system. Sometimes things do not go smooth on the first day. let us know if you have problems voting