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The word Yoga means to yoke together or to unite. The purpose of a Hatha Yoga practice is to unite  mind, body and  spirit into a state of harmony and balance. Yoga is not a religion nor is it mystical in any way.

Whether you are conditioned, deconditioned or somewhere in between, you will build strength and flexibility beginning with the first class. Yoga can be practiced by anyone at any age. Every pose has a modification. It is not necessary to be a contortionist to practice yoga. Each person will experience the class differently. Some will find it challenging while others may find it relaxing.

Through the practice of yoga, you learn to quiet the mind, take your body to places it has not been before and bring joy to your spirit.  It is a system that teaches you how to overcome the ego, be healthy, live stress free and to treat yourself and others with respect. When one area of the mind body spirit connection is out of balance, everything will be out of balance.

Yoga can improve fitness, strength, and flexibility.

People who practice yoga on a regular basis often report an increase in energy and overall wellbeing. From the mental aspect practitioners of yoga experience improved mental clarity and discipline. The emotional benefits vary from person to person but generally people begin to notice an increased sense of self-esteem and self-understanding. Yoga promotes positive attitudes toward self and others.

​It has been said that one must not work at yoga but instead let yoga work at you.

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